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Tutor Lab


Is your child facing difficulty with reading, writing, or math? At Aim Star Learning, we understand that traditional classroom learning can be challenging for anyone. Our Tutor Lab is designed to help any child or teen get ahead or overcome learning challenges through specialized tutoring services using the science of learning. Our tutors can help your child overcome educational obstacles, build confidence, and propel them toward academic and personal success.

Who can benefit from Tutor Lab?

  • Young children who want to build skills and confidence before starting school.
  • Children or teens who are experiencing learning challenges and need 1:1 learning support. We work with individuals with ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism.
  • Anyone who wants to advance their skills in reading, writing, and math.

Tutor Lab Services

Our tutor lab specializes in three vital areas of education: reading, writing, and math. Whether you, your child, or someone you know struggles with these subjects, we’re here to help.


Reading is the foundation of learning, but it can be a struggle for both children and adults. This is why we offer personalized reading programs designed to help individuals overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Our tutors identify skills, goals, and areas of improvement and then create a customized reading plan that includes everything from word recognition to comprehension and vocabulary.


Writing is a complex task that involves many different skills. Fortunately, with our tutor lab, individuals can get the help they need to build solid writing skills they can carry throughout their lives. Our tutors will get to know your unique abilities as well as the obstacles you face in order to form a personalized lesson plan.


Struggling with math? With Tutor Lab, you can access personalized math tutoring to overcome specific learning blocks. Our tutors help build the fundamental skills needed to be successful and confident with math and problem solving.

Here's how we help

Science-Based Personalized Learning Plans

Our tutor lab learning plans are carefully designed to fit the unique needs and learning styles of children, teens, and adults with different abilities.

Positive Learning Environment

Our tutors foster a positive learning environment where adults and children of all ages discover the precious joy and excitement of learning.

1:1 Support

In tutor lab, every child, teen, and adult receives the caring, 1:1 support they need to thrive and reach their learning goals.

Open to all children and teens

Learning challenges can happen to anyone at any age. This is why our tutor lab services are available to all child and teens.

Tutors Who Understand How to Build Confidence

Imagine finally understanding tricky math concepts, being able to read your favorite book, or excelling at creative writing. With Tutor Lab, this can be your reality.

Ongoing progress tracking and assessments

We don’t create one-size-fits-all lesson plans. We constantly track and assess progress to make real-time adjustments.

Register for Tutor Lab

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