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Caregiver / Parent Training

Gain the tools and techniques to support your child with autism

Group Training Sessions

Group training sessions are a chance for parents and caregivers of children with autism to learn, collaborate, and lean on each other for support. Caregivers and parents who attend these group sessions benefit from learning critical skills directly from our team of ABA therapists. It’s beneficial to learn these skills firsthand and be able to ask our team of therapists questions.

In these sessions, parents and caregivers learn strategies and techniques to help their child progress socially, emotionally, and academically. Strategies include everything from positive reinforcement techniques, communication role-playing scenarios, tips to reduce challenging behavior, and Q&A sessions. Group training sessions also provide a space for parents and caregivers to open up about their shared experiences and insights, bond, and lean on each other for support.

1:1 Training Sessions

1:1 sessions are great for parents or caregivers seeking specialized advice relating to their child’s unique needs and/or specific concerns. You’ll work closely alongside our team of ABA therapists to create a customized care plan and receive advice on a variety of topics, including communication strategies, behavior management methods, and stress reduction. These sessions are great for every parent/caregiver to gain a higher level of support with their child’s unique challenges.

What You’ll Learn in Training

Positive reinforcement techniques

How to make use of sensory input

Consistency & routine with activities of daily living

How to set realistic goals

Sibling relationships

School and IEP support

Community building

Strategies for addressing challenging or negative behaviors

Improved communication

Identifying sources of stress relief for caregivers and parents

Coping mechanisms for managing stress

Understanding non-vocal communication

Sign up for Caregiver/Parent training

You don’t have to navigate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) alone. Sign up for caregiver/parent training classes at Aim Star Learning and get help from our ABA therapists.