Intensive Therapy

All intervention programs are designed to fit your child’s specific needs.

ABA has been proven to be the most effective method for teaching age-appropriate skills to children with ASD. ABA is the only autism treatment that has been endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General (1998) and the American Association of Pediatrics, ABA uses positive reinforcement, teaching in small steps and repeated practice to help children develop behavior, language and social skills.

Intensive ABA therapy occurs across social environments, such as the home, center, school, and community. We start with in depth assessment. Results of the assessment drive the skills taught in one to one intervention sessions.

Our intensive one to one program is a comprehensive, individualized intervention that is designed to accelerate the trajectory of skill development in all developmental domains. Children, adolescents, teens and adults are taught skill utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

We provide


  • 1:1 therapy

  • Home Based services

  • School Based Services

  • Social Skills training

Services Include:

  • Intake and assessment

  • Development of individualized home and school-based intervention programs

  • Weekly supervision of intervention programs and data analysis

  • Ongoing data analysis to ensure progress

  • Direct intervention services provided by licensed practitioners

  • Facilitation of peer play and social groups

  • Family education and coaching

  • Community-based learning

  • Consultations with schools and other special services

  • Training and support to parents, school staff and therapists

  • IEP support: development and implementation

  • Team meetings

  • Collaboration of services

Areas addressed:

  • Language

  • Social/Emotional Awareness

  • Social skills

  • Play

  • Cognition

  • Self Help

  • Motor Skills

  • Challenging behavior

  • School readiness

We target skills in the domains of:

  • verbal and non-verbal language

  • Cognition

  • Social skills

  • Appropriate Behavior

  • Play

  • Functional/Adaptive skills

  • Language

  • Social/Emotional Awareness

  • Social skills

Service areas include but are not limited to:

  • Maple Valley

  • Renton

  • Black Diamond

  • Issaquah

  • Covington

  • Kent

  • Auburn

  • Tukwilla

  • Federal Way

  • Bellevue

Aim Star Learning accepts private insurance.

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